Life With A Toddler

Hey ya'll!  I saw the perfect parent picture on facebook today and I just had to share.  I think it accurately describes every mothers day (and some fathers too). 

I know this is my day with my 1 1/2 year old daughter.  Except most of the time it's Letty throwing things at Hailey instead of me.  All day long it's "Don't hit your sister!" , "Don't throw that at her!".  But I know that I wouldn't change it for anything, as I'm sure ya'll wouldn't.  We can definitely say that life is never boring at our house. 

I know what some are thinking, "Why don't you just do this, this, or this?  You wouldn't have that problem."  Well, you know what, we would still have that problem.  Kids are Houdini's who can unlock every child proof lock there is and can disappear in the blink of an eye.  It's truly amazing. 

I hope ya'll got as good a kick as I did out of this picture.  And I hope it reminds you to cherish every moment you get because you only have that moment once.  Tomorrow they will be one day older.  What are some funny things that have happened to you with your kids?


  1. Lmao! exactly!! i remember those days very well. i can remember an incident when my daughter went to a museum and made a quite embarrassing statement .. i will not say what it was, but i think u will get the idea lol.


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