Coconut Oil Face Wash

Everyone has been RAVING about coconut oil lately.  As I read post after post about the uses for coconut oil, I came across several that mentioned washing your face with it.  I thought, "Who washes their face with oil?  Isn't that what you're trying to get rid of?  How in the world is that gonna work?"  Lets just say I didn't believe it what so ever.

After reading all of these posts I decided "Why not? My face can't break out anymore than it already is."  Boy was I wrong!!  I tried it and absolutely hated it!  My face immediately broke out and I was mad ya'll.  Beyond mad!

As I looked around online for more information about washing your face with coconut oil (as I wanted to be more conscious about what I put on my skin) I found some great information.  Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark the pages and can't find them again.  I can tell you what I learned though.  They don't tell you that your face will absolutely break out at first.  If you have clogged pores then get ready.  The reason for this is that the coconut oil is getting deep in your pores and pushing the dirt and nasty oil that is stuck in there out towards the surface.  So, of course, you are going to break out.  If you keep at it though you're skin will clear and be absolutely amazing! 

A lot of the information out there doesn't tell you how to wash your face with oil and it makes a HUGE difference.  It's not face wash and should not be treated as such.  That's where I went wrong the first time.  I would get my face wet, put the oil on it, rub and scrub, and then rinse off.  That's not even close to how it should be done.  But hey, how was I suppose to know? 

The way you are suppose to wash your face with coconut oil is by putting the oil on your face first, don't worry about getting it wet first.  Water and oil don't mix so the oil won't be able to work right.  After you rub and scrub your face take a warm washcloth and scrub your face with it.  This will remove any excess oil and the heat will allow the coconut oil to get deeper into your pores.  I will occasionally take a little bit of baking soda and mix it with the oil in my hand and then scrub.  I like to have a little bit of a scrub occasionally to help remove dead skin and make my face super soft.  Then just follow up with the Thyme Face Toner that we've already made.

Just remember ya'll, going to an all natural face regimen takes time.  Usually your skin is so use to having all of the chemicals and having clogged pores that as soon as you take that away it's going to freak out.  Be patient and you will definitely see a difference. 

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