Boys Vs. Girls

As ya'll know, I'm pregnant (and have two beautiful girls already.)  At this time we don't know what the baby is.  Could be a boy, could be a girl.  All I want is a happy, healthy baby. 

That is definitely not the case when I tell other people that I'm pregnant.  Since I have two girls, all I get is "I know you're hoping for that boy!" or "Wow! I really hope it's a boy this time." 

At first, I just brushed it off.  I didn't let it bother me.  It's just how people are in the south.  But I got to thinking today, after I read a wonderful post on Shakespeare's Mom, that I should really say something.  While it might not be to the people that say these things personally, I should say something to someone.  So I'm telling ya'll.  Hope you don't mind.

Here, in the south, boys are put above all else.  My husband's family was very disappointed when we found out I was having a girl each time I was pregnant (I was ecstatic!).  You don't know how much of their clothes were little boy clothes ya'll.  Don't get me wrong!  They absolutely love their grand-daughters and wouldn't change them for anything. 

What I wish people would realize is, GIRLS ARE WONDERFUL!  They are no less than a boy.  They are no harder to raise than a boy (although I don't know personally).  Girls are not a burden.  I love my girls!  And I would love another one.  Just as I would love a little boy. 

Don't look sympathetic at others because they have all girls.  I can guarantee they wouldn't have it any other way.  I wouldn't.


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