Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving!

In my family Thanksgiving is a BIG deal.  My husbands birthday is around that time and his Granny comes in from out of state.  It's very busy and very fun.  We all LOVE to eat and we love getting together.

So let me say that when stores have Christmas stuff out well before Halloween has even been celebrated it DRIVES ME CRAZY.  Don't get me wrong, I like celebrating Christmas.  But I believe that every holiday should have its own time.  Right now, at the beginning of November, when I walk in the grocery store all I see is Christmas.  They have one small display for Thanksgiving.  Not to mention when you walk in ANY other store all the Christmas trees are up and decorations are out.

Is Thanksgiving soon going to be out?  I mean, we are suppose to be celebrating when the pilgrams came over and make peace with the Native Americans and celebrate everything we are thankful for.  For me and my family this is a special time of the year that we can celebrate something that doesn't involve presents.  The kids actually think about what they are thankful for and celebrate life.  

So, to celebrate Thanksgiving a little bit I found some turkey color by numbers, regular coloring pages, word searches, and an art project.  These should help the kids get ready for Thanksgiving when everywhere around them is already celebrating Christmas.

You can find this color by number here.  She also has lots of other color by number pages and very cute ideas.

This one can be found here.  There is also A LOT of other activites for the kids to do on this site.

Hailey loves word searches so I thought she would love this one.  She did!  Go to this page to download the word search and print it out.

Both of my little ones LOVE to color.  They could do it for hours.  So why not color Thanksgiving pages for everyone?  Get them here.

Most kids love paint.  It's messy and they can make something beautiful out of it.  Just make sure you have lots of newspaper to lay down so paint doesn't get everywhere.  I saw this great idea on Minne-Mama.

I hope ya'll celebrate Thanksgiving with family this year.  These pages will give the kids PLENTY to do while you prepare too.  Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!


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