Cutting Your Own Bangs

Yes.  I cut my own bangs.  I know, I know.  You're not suppose to do that right?  Well.  I.  Do.  And I have to say that this is the best my bangs have ever looked.  I have tried and tried to find someone to cut my bangs just right, but it's impossible.  They either cut them crooked or to short.  I got tired of having to pin them back for a couple weeks till I could get them cut again and start all over.  The last time someone else cut my bangs they ended up halfway up my forehead (and I have a big forehead) and it took forever for them to grow out where they looked good.  For me, the best looking bangs are these:
Do you want these bangs?  Most do.  They're the most flattering on most face shapes. 

Start by getting your supplies together.  You're gonna need:
  • Hair cutting shears.  You really want to invest in a pair of these.  I bought a pair from Walmart.  You can also find them on Amazon and at Sally's.  You don't wanna use regular scissors because they will bend the hair before cutting it and that will cause split ends.
  • Rat tail comb
  • Hair band for pulling the rest of your hair back.

    Now that we have all of our supplies, lets get cutting!  Here's what you do:
  1. Start with clean, dry, straight hair.  You will also want to start with a middle part in your hair.
  2. Take your rat tail comb and find the middle of your head (this can be modified, towards your face for thinner bangs and farther back for thicker bangs).
  3. Take the pointy end of your rat tail comb and section it off to the front of your ears on each side.  This will make a triangle.
  4. Pull back the rest of your hair with the hair band.
  5. You want the edge of your bangs to be at the edge of the color part of your eye.  So if you're looking forward, take your comb and section off one side your hair.  Take the extra hair and pin it back.  You don't want it to get in the way.  Do the same with the other side.
  6. Now comb your bangs straight and even.  If you have some hair that is under the other they will be uneven when you cut.
  7. Comb your bangs again but this time grab them with your dominant hand.  So if you're right handed take your bangs in your right hand.  If you're left handed take them in your left.
  8. Now we are going to twist.  If you have your bangs in your right hand then you are going to twist over.  So the left side of your bangs are going under and the right side is going over.  It will be opposite sides if your left handed.
  9. Grab your bangs with your opposite hand and finish the twist.  They will be twisted over only once.
  10. Hold your bangs very loose.  Don't pull them tight.  Rest your hand close to your face that way your bangs are even.
  11. Now cut!  You will want to cut in short upward motions.  Like you're cutting into the hair.  This way is much more forgivable when cutting your hair then if you where to cut straight across. 
  12. Let your hair go now and see your awesome work!  If they are too long then just start back at step 6 and cut a little more.  ALWAYS REMEMBER you can cut more hair off but you can't glue any back on.  Take. Your. Time.

Here is the video that I use

Have fun with your new look!


    1. ahhhh now i get it!! u do have a comment thing under each post. lol i had to click on section and make it bigger. and there it was lol .. grandmas r like thgat sometimes :) :) i love the cutting my own hair. mine is below my but and half way to my knees now.. not sure if i could do it, but u gave me a bit of hope and new idea for my hair :) :) thanks for posting this :)


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